Health Care Workers Face Digital Fatigue, Study Says

Less is more when it comes to sending emails to beleaguered health-care professionals. 

Doctors, who are already suffering from digital fatigue, are less likely to engage with brand emails delivered more than once a week, a study by healthcare solutions provider Indegene found, according to Fierce Pharma 

In addition, pharma brands that send 10 to 15 emails enjoy an engagement rate of over 3%, versus a rate of 2% for those that send more than 16. 

Appearance is another factor — well-designed emails are more likely to be opened and read. 

“It’s not only about having attractive looking templates, it’s more about following a structural design,” Indegene says, Fierce Pharma reports.



Indegene examined around 7.9 million emails from 15 email campaigns for multiple therapies from April 2020 to August 2021. 

In March, the company released findings showing that 55% of healthcare professionals feel overwhelmed by the content coming from  pharmaceutical companies through various virtual channels, including webinars, social media outreach, emails and text messaging.

This sudden shift to virtual marketing “ was not orchestrated effectively and it did not align with HCPs’ needs,” states Gaurav Kapoor, cofounder and executive vice president of Indegene. “HCPs need simple, bite-sized, and relevant content which is less promotional and more educative about the diseases and therapies that matter to the specific HCP.”

Kapoor urges marketers to shift gears from the "current push mindset to the pull mindset” in their omnichannel marketing, according to Fierce Pharma.

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