Samba TV Says Its Guaranteed 'Incremental' Reach Effort Is Growing

TV measurement company Samba TV says its guaranteed “incremental” reach effort for TV marketers has attracted a number of Fortune 100 companies since it was announced earlier this year. Clients using its incremental, guaranteed reach platform include banking/finance and automotive marketers.

Earlier this year, Samba says Empower, the Cincinnati-based media agency, has been using the iCPM product in a test for its client, Wendy’s.

Hyundai and Disney Parks are using True Reach and Frequency, a core underlying measurement component of iCPM.

Ashwin Navin, co-founder and chief executive officer of Samba TV, says the company has had “amazing” adoption. “The buyer uses Samba to reach incremental households [and] is only monetized when those households are incremental and not redundant,” says Navin, who adds that the risk “sits with us.”

Samba’s iCPM metric and platform secures ad inventory through a media buy from the open web using real-time bidding where available, giving advertisers incremental unduplicated reach.

Samba says the average incremental reach for these clients is 29%.

Traditional legacy, linear TV marketers have been plagued with lower reach, with many increasingly looking to find it in other ways to make up for that decline, through connected TV premium streaming platforms (in part owned by legacy media owners) as well as other digital media platforms.

Samba says 94% of all linear TV ads reached just 55% of TV households.

Somewhat lacking is the availability for CTV with “persons-level” data.

While Navin says there has been persons-level data for several years, “it’s small in scale but offers some window into demography.” He adds: “The challenge has been how do you deduplicate at scale with everything that goes on outside the television? That is where innovation is happening.”

Samba TV measurement comes from smart TV sets using automated content recognition (ACR) data coming from over a dozen TV set manufacturers reaching a total 46 million devices.

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