Analysis Uncovers Demos, Affinities Of Streaming Free-Trial Junkies

Consumers who jump from free trial to free trial are among streaming services’ most problematic user segments.

Helixa, an AI company that looks at the connections that people make through their public social personas for insights development and audience segmentation, recently analyzed the demographics and affinities of these individuals.

The results could provide some insights for streaming services on how to keep these elusive customers engaged by tailoring promotions and offers to their affinities.

For starters, free-trial jumpers are likely to be relatively young: 64% are between the ages of 18 and 44. They are roughly evenly split by gender (51% are male), but 77% are white.

More than half (57%) earn more than $70,000 per year, but just 46% are married, and the same percentage are college-educated.

Looking at how they index on various affinities (compared to “average” Americans ages 18 to 69), free-trial jumpers over-index on (no surprise) saving money (1.25X).

They also self-identify as “nerds” (1.6X).

They over-index on gaming (1.64X) and respond positively to the statements “I buy new tech as soon as it is available” (1.2X) and “I think social media is good for society” (1.2X).

They also “feel represented in the advertising [they] see” (1.36X).

Looking at favored media genres, they over-index for streaming services (1.53X), movies (1.05X) and apps (1.04X).

Film-wise, they favor animation (1.4X), horror (1.37X) and comedy (1.21X) genres.

In television, they prefer business (1.31X), streaming originals (1.29X) and food (1.27X) shows.
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