Hootsuite Partners With TikTok For New Ad Options

Social media management platform Hootsuite announced today that it has officially joined TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program. 

As a partner, Hootsuite will help its 200,000 customers effectively manage, execute and optimize their TikTok content alongside other social media networks from one integrated tool. 

In a survey conducted with Hootsuite customers, 38.5% said they actively use the short-video app as part of their social media strategy, and 63% said they intended to use the platform in 2022. 

With the capabilities resulting from this new partnership, Hootsuite customers will be able to schedule and publish content directly within the Hootsuite platform, along with moderating and engaging with customers via TikTok’s comments section in real-time, and can gain insights on post performance and user engagement. 

This advanced level of accessibility to one of the fastest-growing social media networks -- as well as gaining the attention of of TikTok’s massive Gen-Z audience –– should help Hootsuite customers manage their content more efficiently, build stronger relationships with their audience, and inform future campaign development on the short-video platform. 

“We’ve watched as video content has grown into a powerful tool that successful brands use to socialize with the world, and have identified the pain points our customers face in creating this type of content,” said CMO of Hootsuite Maggie Lower in a statement, adding that "Hootsuite can now play a more direct role in helping businesses become fearless on this unique, rapidly evolving digital platform.”

Hootsuite will also be helping its customers scale their TikTok content via a full suite of educational resources. 

These include a culture guide, which breaks down TikTok’s rapidly evolving trends and key aspects of the integration tool like sound, aesthetics, types of videos and appropriate slang. 

There will also be a newsletter highlighting inspirational TikTok content and providing tips and tricks for audience engagement, along with video development workshops and webinars, and a blog content series on growing a following, creating ads and more. 

“These partners will provide marketers with simple, effective tools to help them to regularly publish content, gain valuable performance insight, and meaningfully engage with their communities,” said Melissa Yang, head of Ecosystem Partnerships at TikTok. 

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