Zeta Marketing Platform Joins Amazon Web Services Marketplace

The Zeta Marketing Platform, a marketing cloud tool that Zeta says helps enterprises accelerate data activation and digital transformation, is available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. 

The firm claims it is the first marketing cloud to be offered in the Marketplace. 

The arrangement will be an “accelerant” to the company’s Zeta 2025 growth plan, says Steve Gerber, president and chief operating officer at Zeta Global.

It allows it to reach more than 300,000 active prospects to deploy the ZMP as part of their enterprise discount program.  

Launched in 2019, the Zeta Marketing Platform had worked with AWS on customer requirements for elastic scale and speed, the firm says. 

The goal is to provide “a simplified and effective path for enterprises to modernize their marketing stack and create more opportunities to acquire, grow, and retain customers with more efficient return on investment,” says Mona Chadha, director of category management at AWS. 




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