Pereira O'Dell Debuts First Brand Work For Midea America

Midea America Corp., major appliance chain, launched its  first brand campaign with its newly appointed agency of record Pereira O'Dell.

The creative sends up the idea of a Chief Idea Officer, played by Sam Richardson ("The Afterparty," "Veep").

The 60-second hero spot, which kicked off today, streams on various broadcast platforms and social media. Three 30-second spots will arrive later in June.

In each, Richardson's character pretends to take credit for every Midea product, such as a U-shaped air-conditioning unit, as "My-Idea" -- a play on the brand's name.

"With this campaign, we're poking fun at the trend where big companies hire celebrities as C-level creative executives, who then expect us to believe they were actually responsible for coming up with the ideas themselves." said Nick Sonderup, executive creative director, Pereira O'Dell. "We all know they're just taking credit for the ideas, and not actually creating them."
The company claims more than $1 billion in U.S. sales in 2021.



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