Microsoft Outlook Down For Some Users, Company Says

Microsoft Outlook has been hit with an outage affecting consumers and businesses worldwide. 

The company says users “may be unable to access their mailboxes via any connection method.”

In addition, they “may encounter delays and experience failures when creating, sending, receiving or accessing email messages.”  Reduced search functionality for some within impacted services such as Outlook Room Finder.

The company adds that it is “continuing to see improvement in service availability, but some users are still experiencing impact. We're restarting the infrastructure that serves user requests, to resolve the remaining impact and fully restore service.”

The incident, which apparently began around 11 p.m. UTC on Monday, is affecting “some users located in EMEA, North America and Asia-Pacific.”



 In the U.K., which is currently experiencing a rail strike, one user tweeted: “‘Email on strike too?’

UPDATE: In a later message, Microsoft added, “ We've confirmed that restarting the underlying CAFE infrastructure has resolved the majority of impact; however, monitoring indicates some residual impact for Outlook on the web. We're investigating the underlying cause of this suboptimal service health so we can ensure all users' Outlook on the web functionality is restored.”


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