InnoVision Espanol Debuts, Expands Services To Hispanic Market

San Diego-based agency InnoVision Marketing Group has added to its in-house services, launching InnoVision Español.

InnoVision Español will serve businesses and brands wanting to reach the Hispanic community, as well as Hispanic-oriented clients and companies.

Services include branding, media buying, creative design, digital advertising and web development.

It’s an especially important sector in San Diego, making up 34% of the population. Hispanics make up 18.7% of the total U.S. population. However, only 6% of overall industry investment is directed at this specific community, according to the Hispanic Marketing Council.

“Many of our team members are either native Mexicans, Mexican Americans or from South America. Spanish is their first language. In fact, our two longest-tenured members are spearheading the new Hispanic division: Giselle Campos, our senior vice president and senior creative director, and Jose Carrillo, our senior vice president and executive art director,” says Ric Militi, CEO-executive creative director of InnoVision Marketing Group.



“Marketing to any specific ethnic group is very different from marketing to the English-speaking population. Considerations must include accurate colloquial translation of the message, slang usage, improper insinuations, values and much more,” he adds. “Our Hispanic team at InnoVision are part of the Hispanic community, so the messaging is much more authentic.”

InnoVision has been executing Hispanic campaigns for clients such as Palomar Health, Penske Automotive, Valley View Casino and Fresh Start Surgical Gifts for several years. InnoVision Español expands the chance to service a larger audience of Hispanic businesses.

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