Google Lets Enterprises Turn Hundreds Of Macs, PCs Into Chromebooks

Google ChromeOS Flex, a version of the Chromebook operating system that can be used with most hardware, has moved from early access to general availability.

The company announced the change on Thursday, saying it certified hundreds of devices from Apple, Dell, and HP to run the cloud-based operating system.

Google is working on more certifications but there are minor issues with some machines such as Dell Latitude 3300, Lenovo ThinkPad L430 and L440, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Zotac ZBOX PI335 Pico, among others.

It’s not clear whether this will mean a smoother ride for brands wanting to capitalize on Google’s advertising products -- but compatibility challenges and roadblocks around data and privacy will surely be diminished.

Nordic Choice Hotels, in a video on the blog post, talks about how hundreds of kilos of CO2 are connected to each new computer being built. The company also discusses the scope of its enterprise, with 200 nationalities and 70 languages. The company transitioned to ChromeOS Flex without employees getting security training after being hit by a ransomware attack, and it took a little more than 48 hours to transition about 200 computers.

Google tested and certified a range of computer models to ensure they provide a consistent and high-quality experience. So, whether teaching a classroom of students, ordering ice cream from a self-service kiosk, or accessing a virtualized environment from the beach, ChromeOS Flex won’t slow down or surprise the user “with a blue screen of death.”

The OS focuses on enterprise customers. Google said companies can still install ChromeOS Flex on a device Google hasn't certified, assuming it meets the minimum requirements. The machine must be certified for functions like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and System UI and graphics for Google to guarantee the process.

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