GM's OnStar Intro's New Logo, Brand Identity

General Motors’ OnStar brand is introducing a new logo and brand identity that focuses on keeping drivers of all brands safe, both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Along with OnStar’s new brand identity comes the expansion of safety services to motorcycle riders through OnStar Guardian, and in-home with an Amazon Alexa integration. Users of either can use voice commands to get help from an OnStar Emergency Advisor. 

The 25-year-old company is launching a modern, simpler design and more context for the brand. Keeping the blue circle with the word “On” and a star, the logo now features the phrase “Be Safe Out There.” Dropped from the logo is the word “Star.

Owners of any vehicle can now download OnStar Guardian and sign up for the service through the Apple App Store and Google Play. For those without a GM vehicle, a standalone subscription is available to anyone in the U.S. and Canada. 



OnStar Guardian is currently available to OnStar members in the U.S. and Canada who are enrolled in a Safety and Security Plan.

OnStar Guardian service for motorcycle riders will now provide 24/7 access to Emergency Advisors1 and tailored Roadside Assistance.

For motorcycle riders, the app can use smartphone sensors to detect when a member is riding or driving and can determine when a change in acceleration occurs, signaling a crash.  It also will notify an OnStar Emergency Advisor, who can triage a situation, contact first responders and provide medical assistance until help arrives. Finally, the app can provide roadside assistance for members who own motorcycles, including help when they need gas, a jump or a tow.

The brand is evolving to make its promise of safety and security available to more people, said Jeff Massimilla, vice president of OnStar safety and connectivity at GM. 

“These latest expansions, as well as our work with the public safety community to advance new technologies, illustrate how GM is delivering on its promise to becoming a software innovator and building on our subscription services expertise,” Massimilla says in a release. 

Last year, OnStar and Amazon piloted a new feature for select members, OnStar Guardian skill for Amazon Alexa to integrate safety services directly into the home. 

The emergency response capability provides a direct voice connection to an OnStar Emergency Certified Advisor through a compatible Alexa-enabled device in scenarios where members need to call for help hands-free and time is of the essence.

Guardian skill benefits include allowing members to instantly reach OnStar Emergency Certified Advisors, hands-free by saying, “Alexa, call for help.”

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