Brands Face Data Hurdles In Providing A Good Customer Experience

Email plays a role in collecting customer feedback, but it lags far behind customer reviews and interviews, judging by CallMiner’s CX Landscape Report.  

This finding comes as 70% of firms admit they need to make improvements in the way they use data to enhance the customer experience. 

Companies use these methods to collect data/feedback: 

  • Customer reviews — 58% 
  • Customer interviews— 5 4% 
  • Recording of customer calls — 48%
  • Online surveys sent by email or text message — 47% 
  • Directly emailing individual customers — 45% 
  • Social media mentions or monitoring — 44%
  • Website feedback widget — 36% 
  • Telephone surveys — 33%
  • In-app surveys — 28%
  • Conversation transcriptions (voice and text) — 23%
  • We do not collect any data/feedback — 0% 

Despite all that, 62% of senior contact center decision makers believe their firms don’t collect all the data they need in delivering a customer experience. And only 12% say their companies collect an equal amount of solicited and unsolicited feedback data. 

Another issue is that 96% of firms are using manual analysis, whether reading or listening to feedback, hand-coding it or aggregating data using Excel or PowerPoint.  

In another grim finding, 60% say their organizations are unable to accurately track ROI regarding customer data/feedback all of the time. 

Alarmingly, the top CX challenge faced by companies in providing a good customer experience is health:

  • Customer vulnerability due to health, caregiver or financial reasons — 40%
  • Rapidly changing customer behavior/expectations — 36%
  • Accelerated digitization of data/feedback gathering — 36%
  • Increased customer impatience — 35% 
  • Combating customer rep disengagement/lack of productivity — 34% 
  • New feedback challenges that are not accounted for — 33%
  • Increase in qualitative data—32% 
  • Failure to gain ROI from technology investments, like AI — 28% 
  • Outdated documentation — 25% 
  • My organization has not experienced any challenges — 0%

One positive sign is that 71% of companies have at least partially implemented artificial intelligence, although 48% admit they are not fully leveraging it.  

CallMiner surveyed 450 senior decision makers from contact center and CX departments in the U.S. (250), UK/Republic of Ireland  (125) and South Africa (75) in June and July 2022.


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