Most Consumers Will Share Email Address For Coupons: Study

Brands seeking to build their email lists have one effective tool: Coupon discounts, according to Capterra’s 2022 Coupon Preferences Survey.

Consumers are willing to provide the following information in exchange for discounts: 

  • Email address  —85%
  • Gender — 70% 
  • Name — 60%
  • Date of birth  —48%
  • Occupation — 43% 
  • Home address — 32%

The email address is critical given that email is one of the top ways consumers find out about coupons: 

  • Coupon website — 68% 
  • Company emails — 61%
  • Advertisements — 51% 
  • Online communities — 50%
  • Social media — 46%
  • Mobile apps — 43%

On a qualitative basis, 85% of shoppers will also provide a review in return for a coupon.

Of all offers, percent-off coupons are the mostly widely used by consumers (93%) and the most widely preferred (62%). Free shipping is second, with 90% usage and a 19% preference rate. 

In contrast, loyalty rewards are used by 68% but preferred by only 6%. And Buy one get one, and free gift and referral credits are also in the single digits for preference. Referral credits draw a zero.  

It depends on the generation: 59% of Gen Z respond to free gift offers, compared to 49% of millennials, 37% of Gen X and 30% of boomers. 

Moreover, Gen Z is most likely to find coupons on social media: 

  • Gen Z — 59%
  • Millennials —  49% 
  • Gen X—38%
  • Boomers—27% 

Gen Z also leads in finding coupons in online communities:

  • Gen Z — 60% 
  • Online — 58% 
  • Gen X — 38%
  • Boomers — 24%

“Consumers are highly motivated to provide information in exchange for a discount, and this can help businesses supercharge their first-party data strategy,” states Zach Capers, senior analyst at Capterra. “By leveraging these valuable customer insights, businesses can improve brand awareness, strengthen their reputation, and personalize future marketing campaigns.” 

 Capterra surveyed 981 U.S. consumers in August 2022. All respondents say they shop online at least once per week and use digital coupons. 

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