Braze Partners With Snowflake, Meta On New Tools

Braze unveiled two new products during its Forge conference this week: Braze Cloud Data Ingestion and native support for WhatsApp.

Cloud Data Ingestion leverages Snowflake Data Cloud to help brands activate data directly from their data platforms, faster and at scale, the company says.   

The goal is to provide teams with “the valuable tools they need to build and maintain a modern data framework without requiring extensive time from engineers, allowing resources to be more effectively deployed to support customer experience efforts,” says Scott Schilling, senior director, Global Partner Development at Snowflake.

According to Braze, the new offering will allow brands to gain deeper customer understanding with extended data retention and reach the right audience with segment extensions. 

And, brands can enhance security by defining which fields in Braze should be treated as Personally Identifiable Information.

The Braze data model has been updated to support arrays and nested objects, allowing brands to sync structured and unstructured data from any source, the company says.  

Braze expects to partner with other data platforms starting in the fourth quarter.

In addition, Braze will launch native channel support for messaging platform WhatsApp in early 2023. 

WhatsApp will be available as a “a new channel for brands to better manage interactions across the entire customer journey,” says Kyle Jenke, business messaging, director of partnerships at Meta. 



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