Demandbase Offers Free Tool For Identifying Unknown Web Visitors

Demandbase has debuted a free account identification solution for B2B brands. 

The new offering, the Account ID Free Edition, provides B2B revenue teams with a “no-cost way to reveal previously unknown visitors,” says Jackie Palmer, vice president of product and industry marketing at Demandbase.

Demandbase evaluates behavioral signals, volume and time patterns and traditional signals like IP registries to select the best identification for an account, the company says.

Insights will be delivered directly into a firm’s Google Analytics, driving intent-driven advertising and marketing campaigns, the firm says.  

“Roughly 98% of web visits are unidentified, making vast amounts of web activity difficult to act on,” Palmer notes. “Because of this, most marketers and sellers have chosen to ignore it, missing out on numerous opportunities in the process.”




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