AI Company Metaphysic Builds Web3 Team With Marketing, Metaverse Execs

Metaphysic, an artificial intelligence (AI) company working toward creating a hyperreal metaverse by allowing users to own and control their biometric data, is constructing a Web3 ecosystem with two new hires: Erika Coppel as chief marketing officer and Beni Issembert as chief metaverse officer. 

The company says that these new team members will help strengthen its executive leadership as it works toward an ethical hyperreal metaverse and Web3 economy. 

Coppel, who has held marketing leadership positions at international companies including OnlyFans, Conker, Mercedes-Benz and Maybe, will help create Metaphysic’s digital interface for business partnerships and consumers. 

Metaphysic made a splash on this past season of "America’s Got Talent" when the founders transformed various singers into notable stars, including all four judges and Elvis Presley, live on stage. 

Coppel orchestrated the promotional campaign for this talent show run and has significantly expanded the company’s TikTok and Instagram presence. 

As chief metaverse officer, a position that more companies are now creating, Issembert will guide the company’s Web3 efforts through strategic partnerships, the continued creation of hyperreal content, and the exploration of new technologies and research, Metaphysic said in a statement. 

Issembert has over two decades of experience in blockchain technology and the digital world, having served as chief marketing officer for several global blockchain and digital entertainment focused companies, including Concordium, Beam Privacy, and

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