Handmade Patron Tequila Spotlights Its Hand-Clapping Creators

It’s all hands on deck in a new campaign for super-premium tequila Patrón.

That’s because before leaving the Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico each bottle is touched by 60 hands—including farmers, fermenters, distillers and bottlers.

Grammy Award-winning musician and composer Andrés Levin assembles some of them at the distillery for hand-clapping music and visual performance art, everyone wearing garments hand-cut and sewn by Mexican designer Sandra Weil.

In this behind-the-scenes spot from MullenLowe Los Angeles, Levin explains how he brought the workers together to make “a rhythm and a melody so it expresses the passion that the artisans have for their work.

“It’s the same hands that come together to make extraordinary tequila.”



A jimador—the term for an agave farmer—says his hands “connect me to the earth” while a tequila artisan notes that the way Patron is made “is the same way it’s been done for 400 years.”

The tagline is “Made by hand, crafted by passion.”

The reason for spotlighting workers is to highlight Patron’s handcrafted techniques and small-batch distilling methods, according to Ronan Beirne, global vice president, Patrón Futures.

“At a time when families are coming together for the holidays, we're putting a spotlight on our own artisan familia and championing the people who are the pulse of Patrón,” Beirne said in a news release.

Owned by Barcardi Ltd., Patrón is the world’s #1 super-premium tequila, according to the IWSR Global Database.

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