Total TV Ad Impressions Down 3.5% In 2022, National TV Ads Rise 6%

Total TV advertising impressions in 2022 from linear, streaming and local programming were down 3.5% versus the year before to 8.0 trillion, according to

Although impressions dipped for legacy TV last year, iSpot says national TV advertising spend grew 6% to $45.36 billion.

General news/information as a genre had the largest share of TV ad impressions at 11.7%. Morning news followed, at 9.5%. Reality programming was next, with 8.5%, followed by pro football telecasts, 6.8%; drama/action shows, 5.4%; talk shows, 5.2%; soap operas, 4.9%; and sports commentary, at 4.8%.

These results are for new airings of programs only, according to iSpot. Reruns and content from syndication are not included.

Through December 15, 2022, compared to a year before, CBS led as the network with the greatest share of TV ad impressions -- at 14.6%.

ABC was next at 12.1%, followed by NBC, 11.8%; Fox News Channel at 9.8%; ESPN, 5.3%; Fox Television Network, 5.2%; CNN, 4.8%; MSNBC, 4.9%; Univision, 4.2%; and Telemundo, with 2.8%.



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  1. Tony Jarvis from Olympic Media Consultancy, January 5, 2023 at 4:38 p.m.

    Wayne:  With the confusion and obfuscation (sadly often deliberate) when using the term "impressions" rampant in the industry, I respectfully suggest that all Media Post references using that common term need to be precisely defined especially with headlines like "Down 3.5%".  In this case, I understand that iSpot has several different measurement techniques each of which could be referred to as "impressions" and which to the cognoscenti are each quite different. 

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