Hootsuite Workbook, Integrations Aim To Help Social Marketers With 'Writer's Block'

Social media management company Hootsuite ran a recent survey of over 2,500 of its social media manager customers and found that 32.63% of respondents cited difficulty coming up with content ideas as the most significant challenge they face daily.

To help its customers boost creativity and fight off writer's block when developing content, the company has released new creative tools for social marketers, including a creative workbook and a suite of product features.

“Drawing Blanks: a Creative Workbook for Social Marketers” follows the belief that creation of art at any level is a powerful driving force for personal happiness and increased engagement in creative pursuits.

The book includes fill-in-the-blank illustrations inspired by popular social-media memes and other visuals that are intended be colored by social marketers between screen time. There is also advice from Hootsuite’s own social team surrounding the use of creators, how to go viral, and connecting with Gen Z.

“There is a massive void in the social media marketing space when it comes to supporting marketers with idea generation and content creation,” says Billy Jones, senior director of brand marketing at Hootsuite. “Creating social content is often not seen as a creative act. But it absolutely is — and coming up with fresh, engaging ideas on a daily basis, across multiple channels, is not easy.”

In addition to the workbook, Hootsuite has released a suite of product integrations and features to help drive engagement while creating content. These include recommended hashtags via an AI-generator that analyzes the content of a social post or supporting image, as well as a Canva integration that allows users to create and edit visuals and share across social networks within the Hootsuite dashboard.

Users can also access a catalog of content ideas categorized into four groups -- convert, educate, inspire and entertain -- to help social marketers find new inspirations for content and fill gaps in their content calendar by offering a customizable image and templated “thought-starters” post copy.

And finally, Hootsuite Composer now has a Grammarly integration that is intended to help users write clear, concise and error-free content through advanced copy suggestions.

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