Meghan Trainor, Assorted Others To Get 'Stuck In' Pringles During Super Bowl

Singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor is getting stuck in a Pringles can—but she’s hardly alone.

Trainor is just the most famous person who will reach for the last crisp in the long, narrow Pringles can during the Super Bowl this weekend and end up wearing it.

In this extended version of the 30-second spot from Grey New York that will air during the second quarter, a young boy is the first to be lured into a Pringles can as his grandfather looks on.

“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us,” the grandfather says.

The best includes a doctor performing surgery, a court judge, an airport groundworker, a game show contestant, a chess prodigy, people who bowl and a fisherman.

In this Instagram post last month, Pringles showed a faceless glimpse of Trainor—the brand’s first celebrity to appear in a Super Bowl ad in five years—along with the hashtag #StuckInPringles, the words “tick tock, tick tock” and 2.12.23.



“Pringles was drawn to Meghan’s natural ability to relate to and connect with her fans—plus, she truly loves the snack,” U.S. marketing lead Mauricio Jenkins tells Marketing Daily.

“She is the perfect partner to authentically show how getting ‘stuck in’ is a delicious risk worth celebrating on a personal level.”

As part of the campaign, the Kellogg snack brand has compiled a list of six “Stuck In” moments—including a ball wedged in a helmet—on a dedicated website where people can enter a contest.

If any of the moments occur during the game, entrants win a free supply of Pringles for a year.

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