Roblox Brings Dave & Buster's Into The Metaverse

Entertainment and dining chain Dave & Buster's has announced it will be entering the metaverse with the launch of a branded world packed with updated classic multi-player arcade games in popular gaming platform Roblox.

With Super Bowl LVII approaching, the company says that it has “reinvented” classic arcade football games like GridIron Blitz and Full Tilt into Roblox versions, featuring obstacle courses.

Other games include Superball Dash, an update of old school-lane rollers where users become the ball as they race through exotic locations, as well as Zombie Survival, an original take on the arcade rail shooter that invites players to challenge an army of the undead.

The company says there are “numerous other games” and “secret experiences” that fans can explore in the Roblox world.

Dave & Buster’s says it worked with agency partner Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media to expand the guest connection in-store and online. It also partnered with studio and Roblox creator Melon to develop the player experience.



Melon is responsible for developing Roblox experiences for brands like Chipotle, NFL, Pacsun, and artists across SONY, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, which recently launched its own Roblox world called Roblox Brings Dave & Buster’s Into The Metaverse.

“It was important to us that Dave & Buster's World fully capture the fun and interactive energy of a physical D&B,” says Pete Thornfield, vice president of marketing at Dave & Buster’s.

In addition to virtual arcade classics, Dave & Buster’s World invites players to visit a branded restaurant where they can buy “Power Drinks” for greater sped, strength and skill for gameplay, as well as a prize shop deemed “The Winner’s Circle.”

Users are also able to trade in their tickets for in-game customizations such as trails and descriptors, or purchase premium add-ons that enable them to personalize their experience via outfits, pets, accessories and more.

“Reaching over 58M daily users worldwide, Roblox is not only large but also a uniquely positioned platform for us to grow relevancy with its fastest growing segment; 17– to-24 year-olds,” Thornfield adds.

Dave & Buster’s World officially opened to all players on Tuesday of this week.

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