Flamme Relationship App Rebrands With New 'Ask Me Anything' AI Feature

Flamme, formerly known as Sparks, is celebrating Valentine's Day with artificial intelligence (AI).

On Valentine's Day, the relationship app introduced an AI-powered tool that invites people to ask questions about their current partnership, such as: would he still love me if I was a worm?

Flamme stands out in the expansive world of dating apps due to its unlikely target audience: people who are already in relationships -- specifically, those who are eager to seek out new experiences in relationships, as well as advice about how to keep their bond going.

According to TechCrunch, CEO Ankit Nayal and his team developed Flamme in order to address common challenges faced by a majority of couples, such as communication issues and busy schedules. Instead of partnering strangers with one another, Flamme aims to bring couples closer together.



The “Ask Me Anything” tool goes beyond enabling people to type in the strangest questions they can conjure up, but encourages useful queries as well, such as popular date spots in particular geographic locations, or unique ways to propose, or how to make dinner at home more romantic.

Flamme's mobile app also features daily discovery questions that couples can answer separately and then see each other's responses -- helping them learn more about each other in a tech-driven way.

The app also includes a date-planning feature using AI-powered recommendations, as well as a gamified.

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