TransUnion Rebrands Global Data Products As 'Tru'

TransUnion has rebranded its global data solutions under the “Tru” banner, organizing thousands of B2B product lines into seven, the company says. 

The announcement follows TransUnion’s acquisitions of Neustar and Sontiq. 

“Ultimately, we believe the rebrand will simplify our offerings and allow customers from disparate industries such as financial services and media and entertainment to easily navigate our product portfolio,” says Tim Martin, chief global solutions officer, TransUnion.  

According to TransUnion, the newly branded global solutions lines include: 

  • TruAudience — Privacy-enhanced, identity data enriched, omnichannel audience targeting, and advanced analytics.
  • TruValidate — This includes all fraud offerings from Neustar, providing fraud prevention and identity proofing products that secure trust across channels and deliver seamless experiences for consumers. 
  • TruVision — Risk management tools that allow brands to balance risk and identify and manage best-fit customers across the account lifestyle.  This combines all TransUnion’s risk products, including CreditVision, CreditVision, Link and DriverRisk. This line also includes other credit-risk products for financial services, insurance, tenant and employment and more. 
  • TruIQ— Advanced analytics products and services that help organizations make better, data-driven decisions faster. TruIQ includes the products previously known as Prama and Innovation Lab, along with othe4r custom analytic services. 
  • TruEmpower — Consumer engagement products that help businesses deepen consumer relationships by enabling them to understand, manage and protect their financial health and identity, through credit and identity protection tools and education. TruEmpower includes products formerly known as CreditView Dashboard, along with offerings from IdentityForce and Cyberscout.
  • TruLookup — Investigative products that deliver information to help organizations conduct faster due diligence or issue resolution, which include TLOxp as the primary delivery platform. 
  • TruContact includes products from Neustar Communications and Contact Center Solutions.

The rebrand “clarifies our product offerings and better demonstrates our expertise in both our heritage and new markets, while also making it easier for customers to find what they need,” says Chris Cartwright, President and CEO of TransUnion.



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