SlashNext Offers Generative AI Email Security Platform

An artificial intelligence tool for defending firms against business email compromise (BEC) attacks has been launched by SaaS provider SlashNext. 

The new solution -- Generative HumanAI -- helps brands thwart sophisticated multichannel messaging attacks by identifying current zero-hour threats and “a massive number of future ones,” says Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext.   

According to the company, the platform includes such features as BEC Generative AI augmentation,  file-attachment inspection and contextual analysis and sender-impersonation analysis, combined with natural-language processing, computer vision, and machine learning and relationship graphs, to thwart sophisticated multichannel messaging attacks, the company says.

"BEC is a $43 billion problem for organizations, according to the FBI, and now with ChatGPT, the opportunities are boundless for hackers to modify code, simulate conversations and launch attacks faster than any human," Harr notes.

The company claims that ChatGPT, a chatbot built by OpenAI and funded by Microsoft, can answer questions in “clear, well-punctuated” prose.

"Generative AI tools like ChatGPT will have profound security ramifications to organizations as threat actors weaponize these tools to rapidly target users with tailored malware and BEC attacks," states Karen S. Evans, Former CIO at the Department of Homeland Security.


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