Game Analytics Platform Takes On Walled Gardens With Attribution Measurement Partnership

After raising $4 million in a round of seed funding last May, mobile game analytics platform ByteBrew has partnered with mobile ad platform Mintegral, offering app and game developers free analytics and ad attribution on Mintegral campaigns. 

ByteBrew, a free product used by over 5,000 mobile game studios, equips developers with a suite of tools aiming to help them understand their game’s performance so they can make decisions about game design, development, monetization and user acquisition, per founder Kian Hozouri.

According to the San Diego-based startup, offering free ad attribution information to developers is novel in the mobile gaming industry, stating that “many of these partners charge up to $0.06, or as much as 15% of target install costs, on every single tracked install.”



Paired with “large monthly payment walls,” attribution measurement becomes affordable only for larger mobile companies. 

Claiming to be the first to offer attribution services inside an all-in-one analytics suite, ByteBrew is ultimately attempting to help developers track their user’s installs from their ad sources by breaking down each ad channel’s user group performance metrics in real time. 

From there, developers should be able to optimize more effectively and take action via AB Testing, delivering updates to players remotely from the platform’s dashboard. 

“We created ByteBrew to eliminate the growth barriers that prevent developers from building and scaling the games that they are so passionate about perfecting for their players, ” says Hozouri, adding that the new partnership with Mintegral will remove “another brick from the walled gardens that prevent a diverse mobile ecosystem from flourishing.”

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