Sendinblue Debuts Chat, Conversation Solution

Digital marketing platform Sendinblue is offering a new feature that allows customers to turn interactions into sales opportunities while granting access to Live Chat, Chatbot and a multichannel inbox. 

The new product, Conversations, provides a mobile app for iOS and Android through which users can respond to customer inquiries on the go. 

In addition, the Chat Widget helps teams program different scenarios to automate answers to frequently asked questions, and conduct live chat with web visitor. 

And, marketers can use the multichannel to receive and reply to all email, Live Chat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp conversations in one spot.

“According to Forrester Research, 53% of customers abandon their shopping carts if they can't find the quick answers while browsing a brand’s website,” says Steffen Schebesta, CEO of North America and vice president of corporate development at Sendinblue.

Schebesta adds that conversational marketing enables brands to deepen relationships with customers and “immediately respond to new prospects so that intent turns to conversion.”


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