Toyota Debuts Campaigns for Prius, Prius Prime, Corolla Cross Hybrid

Toyota Motor North America is launching creative featuring Prius, Prius Prime and Corolla Cross. 

The 2023 Toyota Prius and Prius Prime campaign, “This is Prius Now,” is running on linear TV, digital video, cinema, digital content, programmatic, out-of-home billboards, paid social and search.

A series of digital-only spots for Corolla Cross Hybrid are themed “Let’s Go…” and feature different endings depending on which vehicle feature is being highlighted.

Toyota developed both efforts with its Total Toyota (T2) model in mind. The T2 model aims to create a cohesive marketing approach inclusive of multicultural marketing and the mainstream market.

“Our intention with any of our marketing is to make sure that we represent the diversity of our country,” says Mike Tripp, vice president vehicle marketing and communications, Toyota Motor North America. “Last year was a big, big year for our country. If you're under 18, there's no longer a majority in our country. So because of that, we'll continue to make sure the product and also the marketing speaks to the diversity of our country.”



The automaker expects Corolla Cross Hybrid sales to be about 50% to a multicultural audience, while Prius Prime sales are expected to be about 30% to a multicultural audience, he says.

“We're super proud of the fact that we've been the number one manufacturer in multicultural share in the three key segments: Hispanic, Asian, and African American for years,” Tripp tells media during a press event Q&A. “And we have a pretty good lead -- almost double that of the second place [automaker] in each of those categories.”

The new Prius is the most fuel-efficient Prius ever, with up to 57 MPG combined manufacturer rating. The Prius Prime, which features a plug-in hybrid engine, offers up to 44 miles of manufacturer-estimated all-electric range, 75% more than prior generation, and a manufacturer-estimated 52 combined MPG in hybrid mode.

Creative shows the transformed vehicle in an entirely new light, said Lisa Materazzo, group vice president, Toyota Marketing, Toyota Motor North America. 

“The all-new Prius and Prius Prime’s styling, performance and high-tech features will redefine what customers think, feel and expect when they think of Prius,” she says.

In the spot titled “Black Sheep,” created by Saatchi & Saatchi, viewers see white sheep popping up throughout an urban landscape. In the next scene, a black Toyota Prius makes its way down a street past a herd of white sheep. The Prius stands out and takes off down the street.

Saatchi & Saatchi also created “Shadow,” a playful spot in which the Prius’ shadow is chasing it around town, showcasing its advanced features and design along the way.

In Conill Advertising’s spot titled “Buzz,” news of the all-new Prius spreads like wildfire, generating buzz and excitement as phones light up with the news, breaking conventions with its daring design – embodying the pioneering spirit of the new generation of Latinos.

InterTrend Communications developed two spots for the campaign. In the spot “Reborn,” an artist, like the Prius, is both smart and stylish. Together, the artist and her muse, the Prius, create an artistic masterpiece. In “Exhilarating,” the Prius’ stylish, powerful performance energizes a DJ, enabling him to create a vibrant performance of his own.

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