64% Of Buyers Consider Creator-Generated Videos 'Premium'

Most agency and brand executives who buy digital video agree that user-generated, aka “creator-driven” videos can be considered “premium,” and are treating them much like “Hollywood”-produced video content when it comes to budgets and measurement.

Two-thirds (64%) of 360 TV/video buyers surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions for a new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report released during Wednesday’s NewFronts agreed that creator-driven video can be considered premium.

The largest-spending buyers ($50 million or more in annual media spend) were even more likely to agree (69%).

That aligns with previous research that has shown that consumers tend to draw little distinction between creator and professional content.

In addition, 65% said they are moving budgets between UGC and professionally produced videos, and 66% said they used the same measurement approaches for the two types of content.

The percentage of buyers reporting that they run campaigns against both creator and professional content are rising:


Looking at format length, short-form and vertical videos are becoming more dominant, while long-form videos continue to be used by about half of respondents. 

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