Lucky Charms' Mobile Campaign Turns Breakfast Into Upbeat Fortune Telling

The new “Lucky’s Charmology” mobile campaign give breakfast some kick.

VMLY&R Commerce turns eating Lucky Charms cereal into a chance to determine your fortune that day.

At, users can photograph their cereal bowl with their smartphone’s camera. Based on the magical charms that rise to the top, they receive a personalized fortune.

The upbeat forecasts include: “Big things are coming your way and what you’ve been waiting for will soon be a reality.”

Each fortune can be shared across social platforms to enhance engagement.

Lucky’s Charmology” will also be supported with a social-influencer campaign that brings a live “reading” experience to Lucky Charms fans from astrologer influencers Aliza Kelly (Instagram) and Stina Garbis (TikTok) every Friday in May. It’s also running on



“We wanted to create an exclusive experience to break through with Gen Z in the cereal aisle,” said Graciela Sanchez, customer marketing associate manager at General Mills for Target. “Our research points to Gen Z and millennials contributing to the growth of the astrology and mystical-reading industry, so embracing the magic of our brand and its distinct charms felt incredibly authentic.”

The “mystical services” industry as a whole is pegged at $2.2 billion, according to IBIS World. A large part of the boom is attributed to younger demographics that often reject traditional religion but embrace New Age spirituality.

The cereal-bowl-scanning technology was developed by the VMLY&R Commerce in-house Tech Lab exclusively for the launch of Lucky’s Charmology. 

James Phillips, executive creative director at VMLY&R Commerce, noted: “With Lucky’s Charmology, we’re not only amplifying brand love of Lucky Charms through the magical fortunes, but turning every fortune into a repeat usage occasion and the purchase of consumers’ favorite cereal.” 
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