Validity Unveils Tool For Improving Data Quality

Email deliverability provider Validity has added a dimension to its DemandTools product, applying it to a broader range of business uses. 

The new offering, DemandTools’ File edition, help firms improve data quality across their organizations. 

For example, it merges duplicate rows in spreadsheets to ensure that users are working with unique data without losing valuable information, the company says. Brands can also define the matching and merging criteria and match on more than one column, using fuzzy matching logic to combine values in columns when merging duplicate rows.

In addition, the tool allows marketers to deduplicate their external lists in real time before moving the data into their CRM or marketing automation platform, the company states.

“If anyone manages data in spreadsheets, regardless of their specific role in an organization, this product will ensure their data represents unique rows of information,” says Chris Hyde, senior vice president, global head of data solutions at Validity. This is important, given “the economic turbulence we are experiencing globally,” Hyde adds. 

Validity cites findings from a survey it conducted last year, showing that 44% of firms lose over 10% in annual revenue due to low-quality CRM Data.

The company is offering 50 free credits when firms sign up. 




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