BMWs To Integrate TiVo Video Media Platform

BMW will integrate TiVo’s video media platform in BMW 5 series and above models, giving owners access to both linear and on-demand video content providers.

The Powered by TiVo platform will offer news, movies and other country-specific content and access to media libraries.

It is expected to begin rolling out over-the-air in vehicles in initial launch countries by the end of 2023.

The in-car entertainment system will be tied into the independent media platform of TiVo’s parent company, Xperi.

TiVo is also linked to car experiences including DTS and HD Radio.

Xperi is trying to woo OEMs away from OS TV software leader Roku by positioning Powered by TiVo as a gateway OS competitor in Europe, and has so far convinced at least one —Vestel, which makes TVs sold under licensed brands including Toshiba and JVC — to integrate TiVo OS TV software. Those models are set to launch this year, but in Europe first.



Xperi says the Powered By TiVo platform will give OEMs “significantly more control over the user experience,” in addition to helping consumers “cut through the clutter of streaming and linear content options with simplified, universal discovery.” OEMs will also share in advertising revenue from the system.

As part of efforts to extend its business from “the living room to the car,” Xperi is also offering car manufacturers concerned about the growing dominance of dashboard software like Google’s Android Auto and Apple Carplay an option for regaining control, since TiVo OS is a “neutral” platform that allows them to customize the in-car experience.

"In-car entertainment becomes increasingly important for our customers," said Ingo Lasslop, vice president product management for digital products and services at BMW Group. "This collaboration with Xperi will allow us to deliver a world-class entertainment offering to our customers and transforms their time spent in the vehicle even more into a captivating and enjoyable experience."

Last year, TiVo launched Xtend, an advertising platform that uses first-party deterministic viewership data to boost connected TV ad reach, in February. In April, it renewed its data licensing contract with VideoAmp, which added access to TiVo’s household viewing insights data.  

Also last April, TiVo integrated YouTube TV, with more than 85 channels of live TV content, into its Stream OS and Stream 4K devices. The SundanceNow, Allblk and The Shudder streamers have also been added to TiVo Stream OS.

According to a year-end 2022 financial presentation, Xperi earned $12 billion in connected TV advertising in 2021, and is projecting a 17.3% compound annual growth rate that will drive CTV ad revenue to $28 billion by 2026.

In-vehicle infotainment revenue was $20 billion in 2021, and with a projected CAGR of 10.4%, will reach $38 billion by 2026.

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