Snapchat Updates AR Try-On Lens Technology Via Beauty Brand Partnerships

Snapchat is launching new augmented reality Try-On experiences in partnership with beauty brands OPI and Supergoop! The updated Lenses let users test out the latest lipsticks and nail polishes in-app with new AR features via the Snapchat camera without having to enter a physical store.

Four different shades of Supergoop!’s new “Lipshade” product -- “a buildable, bold lip color in easy-to-apply shades that nourish, hydrate, and protect with 100% mineral SPF” -- will be featured on a Snap AR Try-On Lens that lets users apply each color virtually.

Snap’s partnership with OPI revolves around the “Nail Lacquer Lens,” which invites Snapchatters to try on eight nail-polish shades in-app.

“This Lens features first-of-its-kind Snap AR tech called Nails Segmentation, which makes the digital nail try-on experience more realistic than ever before,” explains Snap in a recent blog post. “Easily swipe on colors, no nail polish remover necessary!”

The OPI Lens is based off of Snap’s previous nail polish try-on experiences, like Sally Hansen's Lens that launched over the COVID-19 epidemic when it wasn’t advised that people shop in person.

This new Lens is enhanced, with better responsiveness and graphics, customized to each user.

“Snapchat AR’s new nail polish try-on technology will apply polish and other 2D effects directly to a Snapchatter’s fingernail,” the company states. “With Nails Segmentation, brands can precisely add textures and designs, or track 2D color to a user’s individual nail, creating a seamless try-on experience for the consumer.”

While Snapchat has far less daily active users than its social media competitors like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, the app has maintained its reputation for being at the forefront of AR technologies and their influence on eCommerce.

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