VideoAmp Platform Adds TransUnion Marketing Analytics

VideoAmp has added TransUnion’s TruAudience marketing analytics and attribution information in its viewer measurement platform.

The VideoAmp platform -- which has been "certified" as an ad-sales currency by several TV/CTV media companies and is expected to apply for certification as an alternate currency by the U.S. joint industry committee/JIC -- generates tactical media plan recommendations to help achieve specific campaign marketing goals, such as driving conversions or increasing brand awareness.

TruAudience includes a suite of identity resolution, data enrichment, audience targeting and advanced measurement solutions. The identity graph platform, previously known as OneID from Neustar, continuously updates consumer data.

VideoAmp’s integration of the TransUnion analytics allows marketers to measure the impact of campaigns across TV and digital channels, connect media placements to purchase behavior, and use that information to optimize media and creative placements, budget allocation and audience targets, according to the companies. Algorithmic media plan optimizations are produced in real time as measurement data is fed into the platform.

VideoAmp is also one of the vendors that Horizon Media will use as an alternate media-buying currency.

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