Google MSA New Transparency Policy Provides More Campaign Data

Google plans to give advertisers more information on the ads they serve in Search and YouTube.

The company plans to instate a new Master Service Agreement (MSA), a contract that sets the standard Terms and Conditions for one or more Google Ads account budgets. The transparency policy, which takes affect in July 2023, will details certain advertiser-related information the company plans to make available to all users of its advertising platforms.

Advertisers and agencies believe this is a positive move to gain more information that will enable them to better optimize specific advertising campaigns. 

"This is a big step forward for the industry given all the transparency and optimization tools that Google has taken away from Advertiser in the past 18 months," said Tim Daly, founder of Vincodo, a full-service digital agency. "As Google shifts to a black box while grading their own homework, this allows the Advertiser insight into how Google is serving their ads and that of their competitors.

The information, made available in the Ads Transparency Center and in ad disclosures, also will explain how advertisers can access the information.

Google will provide details to advertiser such as name, location, and ads they have served during a certain time period for all advertisers serving ads on Google platforms, Search and YouTube. This also includes advertisers who have not yet been verified by the advertiser verification program.


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