Report: Most Grocery Shopping Will Be Done Online Within The Next Decade

In the last three years grocery shopping has evolved significantly, according to a new report from WPP, VMLY&R Commerce and Instacart.  

In order to help brands better understand the evolving platforms and identify the trends in how people shop online versus in-store, the companies compared the shopping habits of 4,200 online grocery consumers across two phases of research in January 2022, and again 12 months later.  

Insights that emerged from the research include:  



Two out of three consumers will be doing more than half of their grocery shopping online by 2033.   

83% would be ‘open to receiving more suggestions about new products.’ As long as it’s relevant, consumers welcome both inspiration and information.  

About half of consumers consider online to be more personal, with more tailored ads and suggestions offered than in-store, a large increase from the previous year’s 26%. As familiarity grows with online shopping, brands, via online delivery platforms, are being given permission to collect more data and build meaningful relationships with consumers.   

Doug Chavez, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at WPP, said “We know that convenience is top of mind for customers right now. Brands have a real opportunity to reimagine the shopper experience by leveraging the power of data and creativity to connect with their consumers in new ways that feels customized and uninterrupted." 

Julianne Hudson, SVP Marketing Sciences at VMLY&R Commerce, added, “Marketers need to start by re-examining the fact that people shop differently online for groceries than they do in-store, so using the same tactics won’t work.  By tapping into the new formats and features enabled by platforms, brands are able to offer top funnel inspiration to guide consumers from discovery to purchase.” 

The full report can be downloaded here.  


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