Salesloft Offers AI Tool For Alerting Sellers To Priority Actions

B2B salespeople have a new tool from Salesloft for prioritizing and alerting them to actions they must take. The new platform, Rhythm, is powered by an AI engine called Conductor AI. 

This summer's launch partners include G2, Seismic, Vidyard, and Highspot. The company has more than 20 partners. 

Rhythm is designed to bring buyer signals “directly into the seller workflow,” says David Obrand, CEO of Salesloft.

Obrand adds that this will help B2B businesses “drive revenue by making it faster, easier, and more predictable while also improving the buyer experience.” 

Among the features:

  • Conductor AI ranks and prioritizes the most important and impactful actions sellers must take.  
  • It re-prioritizes the Rhythm workflow in real-time based on incoming signals. 
  • New workflows for confirming meetings and following up promptly after a meeting are generated by AI.
  • Users can focus only on Cadence or Closing actions.

“Rhythm will help us make sure that everyone on the team is following our sales process through the full deal cycle,” says Justin Alsamarrai, director of sales, financial products at enterprise fleet management company Motive. 

Alsamarrai adds: “Our outbound reps are held responsible for following their Cadence steps because we know they work, and says Rhythm allows the company to have "accountability across our AEs working open deals." He says this has a major impact on the firm's time to close and success in sales.

“With this integration, Salesloft and G2 mutual customers will be able to tap into the intelligence of G2 data in the Rhythm workflow and the collective value of our partnership with Salesloft later this summer,“  says Todd Detmold, senior director of product management for G2. 

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