Meta Launches 'Quest+' VR Subscription Service

Weeks after unveiling its Quest 3 virtual reality headset, Meta has announced a VR subscription service called “Meta Quest+” which offers Quest users access to the top two VR titles every month for $7.99, or $59.99 annually.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement on Monday that Quest+ is currently available for Quest 2 and Pro users, with support for Quest 3 once the headset launches in the fall.

“On the first of each month, you’ll get two titles to redeem, enjoy, and master,” Meta wrote in a blog post.

The first games will become available to Quest+ subscribers in July: action-rhythm game “FPS Pistol Whip” and “the nostalgia-fueled arcade adventure” “Pixel Ripped 1995.”

In August, Meta said users can expect a social VR experience in “Walkabout Mini Golf” and “some frantic weapon-crafting and shooter action” in “MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE.”

Users will keep each game as long as they are a Quest+ subscriber, and they can cancel at any time. If previous subscribers rejoin later on, they will regain access to all of the titles from their original paid subscription period, the company says.

In addition, Meta is offering subscribers an introductory discount. If they sign up between now and July 31, they will only be charged $1 for the first month.

Quest users can also expect more titles coming to the VR headset in the coming months, including “Stranger Things VR,” “Assassin's Creed,” and “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord.”

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