Meta Rolls Out Reels Editing Tools To Facebook, Rebrands 'Watch' Tab

Facebook users will soon be able to to craft videos on Facebook with editing tools created for Reels, including the ability to speed up, reverse or replace their videos, as well as toy with the sound by adding music, audio clips, and voiceovers.

In addition, Meta Business Suite users are currently able to combine audio, music and text in one place for what Meta calls seamless editing. The company is also bringing support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on Reels, the first time it has done so on its family of apps.

To compete with leading video-discovery apps like TikTok and YouTube, Meta is also trying to help Facebook users find the videos they desire, whether it’s “popular reels, long-form videos from top creators or Live content.” 

The new Video tab, previously known as Facebook Watch, will now include all video experiences on the social network via a personalized vertical scroll feed that recommends specific video content. Meta says that the feature will include “new horizontal-scroll reels sections that highlight recommended reels, so you can quickly jump into short-form video.”

By tapping the search icon in the Video tab, users will eventually see a redesigned video Explore feature that will showcase a variety of videos “related to relevant topics and hashtags.”

The company is including a redesigned video Explore feature as well, inviting users to discover more video content via “a mix of human curation and machine learning.”

Finally, without having to switch between apps, Facebook users will be able to view and write comments on Instagram Reels that have been recommended to them, garnering more interaction between users, creators and brands. Meta says that users can do this by adding both their Facebook and Instagram accounts in the Accounts Center.

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