Prairie Organic Spirits Hosts Event for 'Conscious Cocktailers'

Prairie Organic Spirits hosted a “Wandering Prairie” event to connect with discerning drinkers in the brand’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Prairie is for those who want to drink better and do better,” Prairie Organic Spirits Brand Director Laura Donnelly said in a release. “Our organically grown corn makes a higher quality spirit while being better for the planet, which makes Prairie Organic the perfect spirit brand for ‘Conscious Cocktailers’ looking to drink thoughtfully made products.”

The brand partnered with hometown agency JT Mega and Push Play Entertainment, along with local nonprofit Food Group MN, to showcase its spirits and educate consumers about its sustainable practices. To bring the event to life, three Twin Cities-based mixologists worked to develop eye-catching and sustainable cocktails. The recipes incorporated local ingredients such as Minnesota honey, dried flowers, and snap peas.



The event was JT Mega’s launch project with the brand. The agency’s Partner and Executive Creative Director Muriel Bartelme Kreske said the aim was to showcases the strength of Prairie’s brand positioning at a time when spirits have overtaken beer in the marketplace for the first time, and young consumers are seeking out premium brands committed to sustainability.

Kreske told Marketing Daily Prairie’s high level of commitment to sustainability, beyond mere organic certification, set it apart from competitors on liquor store shelves.

“They aren’t just trying to put a product out there,” she said. “They’re doing everything they can to make sure they're taking those steps all the way through, from farming to distilling.”

Attracting consumers who may feel overwhelmed by the number of options in the category is a key challenge for spirits brands, she explained, so Prairie is working with JT Mega to create simple cocktail recipes consumers can make without a long list of ingredients. 

With social media playing such a pivotal role in consumer decisions, “Not only does it have to be beautiful, but the first taste, that first experience, has to wow you,” Kreske explained. The Instagram-worthy cocktails presented at the event were designed to do just that.

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