The Spectre Of AI: Firms Are Wary Even As They Invest

If marketers have a fear about using AI, it’s that they are moving too fast.  

That concern was expressed by 54% in a study titled The Expansion of Gen AI, from Foundry. Their concerns include:

  • Legal issues related to Gen AI output
  • Loss of control over corporate data 
  • Employees who go rogue and use it without permission
  • Lack of confidence in results 

Still they’re willing to try it. 

Of those polled, 62% are actively using AI within their enterprise. Another 23% are in the early stages of exploring for potential implementation. 

Only 14% have not implemented yet, but are considering it. And a mere 1% have experimented with AI but are not currently using it. 

Moreover, most organizations are making AI investments. To be specific, they are:

  • Increasing spend on AI-enabled applications — 76%
  • Adding headcount for AI-related roles — 68%
  • Increasing security spend — 68% 
  • Increasing cloud spend — 55%
  • Upgrading infrastructure — 51%



Meanwhile, 88% have started Gen AI projects or have them underway. Specifically, they are:

  • Training/upskilling employees on Gen AI — 51%
  • Getting AI tools in users’ hands — 50%
  • Establishing policies and guidelines — 47% 
  • Identifying use cases — 42% 
  • Pilot projects — 41%
  • Testing apps from our vendor partners — 39% 

Foundry surveyed its IT decision-maker audience. 


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