Vivun Offers AI-Powered PreSales Solution

Vivun has debuted a product that it says can helps PreSales teams and leaders before the customer is acquired. 

The new offering, SE Copilot, provides recommendations for increasing efficiency to sales leaders, with the goal of reducing the cost of sales. 

SE Copilot is built on machine learning and large language models. These are powered by the company’s Vivun Intelligence System.

“Despite the proven value of PreSales teams, resources and tools have been lacking,” says Matt Darrow, co-founder and CEO of Vivun. 

But Darrow argues that SE Copilot “will help to boost PreSales with abilities that have never been available to teams.”

In addition, SE Copilot “leverages new generative AI capabilities,” says Joe Miller, chief data scientist at Vivun.

The firm notes that AI has been key to its platform since the inception.

Vivun claims that the benefits include:

  • TechWin Coaching, which delivers a summary of the deal and recommended actions directly to sales engineers
  • Feature Request Clustering, a tool that analyzes and creates named groupings of product-feature requests from prospects and customers
  •  Calendar Intelligence  translates a sales engineer's calendar events into the most relevant selling activities

Smart Assignment advises PreSales leaders as to the best team members for certain sales opportunities, analyzing availability, experience and skill set.


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