Buried Gold: Yahoo Mail Uses AI To Help Shoppers Find Savings In Their Inbox

Yahoo has unveiled new artificial intelligence (AI) tools for Yahoo Mail that it says can help consumers manage their inbox and more.

And who is assisting in this project? None other than Google Cloud.

Yahoo announced the AI suite for iOS users in beta earlier this year.

What’s new is that the beta is now being expanded across both iOS and web browsers in preparation for a public release. 

In addition, Yahoo Mail is debuting an interactive email tool called Shopping Saver. This helps consumers by bringing gift cards, discount codes and store credits that they may have forgotten to the fore.

Shopping Saver can also draft suggested messages to retailers to apply those savings — even after a purchase.

The goal is to “help users save time and money, making strides toward an assistive inbox,” says Josh Jacobson, senior vice president and general manager of Yahoo Mail communications.  Jacobson adds: “In total, US consumers have $23 billion in unused gift cards and credits, and we hope our new tools will help users gain a fraction of that back in their wallets.”



Supported by Google Cloud’s AI technology, Yahoo Mail is also toning up existing services like these:

- Search — Users can now find what they’re looking for simply by asking a question. 

- Writing Assistant — This drafts replies in the voice of the user. And the person can choose a desired tone — for example, urgent, grateful or apologetic. 

- Message Summary delivers summaries highlighting dates, times, action items and other information.

“We’re thrilled that Yahoo is deploying Google Cloud’s AI platform and tools to help transform Yahoo Mail with new services and features,” says Adaire Fox-Martin, president of Google Cloud Go-to-Market. 

Fox-Martin adds: “AI is redefining consumer experiences, and for Yahoo users this means improved experiences shopping for deals, searching through emails, communicating more seamlessly, and more.”

Thanks to a variety of tools, consumers can already interact with brands, buying products without linking to a website.

AI may be on the cusp of solving other long-term communications challenges.


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