Primark Selects VCCP As Global Branding-Creative Agency

Fashion retailer Primark named VCCP its global branding and creative agency partner. The win follows a competitive review.

Primark is expanding in new markets and channels, as well as offering additional products, as it grows its brand across Europe and the U.S.

VCCP will create a visual identity and build out communications for Primark Cares. The global account will be run by both VCCP London and VCCP U.S.

Michelle McEttrick, Chief Customer Officer at Primark, said: "Our brand is at different stages across our 16 countries and with plans to reach 530 stores by the end of 2026. Ensuring a simple, consistent, and focused approach which allows flexibility in-market will be essential for our continued success."

The first campaign is expected to go live in key markets in the U.S. and Germany soon.



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