British Army Targets Values Shared By Potential Recruits

The latest recruitment campaign for the British Army, part of the ongoing “You Belong Here” effort, just kicked off.

The creative by Accenture Song, teaming with Capita, a digital consulting business, hopes to change misconceptions among the 59% of young people who do not believe they belong in the armed forces.

Supporting the 2023 recruitment of 16 to 34-year-olds across regulars, reserves and officers, the creative puts potential recruits in the heart of dramatic events. The 30-second spot “Evacuation” illustrates a civilian evacuation during a conflict and the key decisions necessary for success.

Adam Kean, ECD at Accenture Song, said: "The ads reach out across the imaginary fourth wall and tell them we’re confident they will not just fit in, but thrive."

The integrated campaign runs across TV, cinemas, radio, out-of-home online and social media.

"This year's campaign highlights the values that motivate a modern generation, values that have coincidently been the foundation to belonging in the Army for hundreds of years," said Naomi Walter, CMO, Capita.

The British Army released its second installment of the “Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do” campaign in January.



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