Hybrid AVOD-SVOD Revenues To Triple By 2029, Disney Leads

Netflix, Disney+, Max/HBO and Paramount+ will together create hybrid AVOD-SVOD subscription and advertising revenues of $20 billion by 2029 — up from $6 billion in 2023, projects Digital TV Research.

The revenues will be nearly equally split between ad-supported streamers (AVODs) and subscription-based streamers (SVODs).

The projection puts Disney in the lead, with $6.8 billion in combined AVOD-SVOD revenue by 2029, versus $6.4 billion for Netflix. Disney's projection includes $3.5 billion for its AVOD and $3.3 billion for its SVOD, versus $3.1 billion and $3.3 billion for Netflix's SVOD and AVOD, respectively.

While these platforms are expected to roll out hybrid AVOD-SVOD tiers to the world’s top advertising markets in the near future, the new forecasts are significantly lower than the research firm’s previous ones because the platforms have delayed or scaled back their expansion plans, said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research.

“We have cut back the number of countries where these hybrid tiers will start,” Simon reports. “By 2029, we expect that Netflix and Disney+ will each be in 46 countries, Max in 35 countries and Paramount+/SkyShowtime in 37 countries.”



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