Comscore Integrates Roku In Cross-Platform Measurement Solution

Comscore is integrating Roku into its cross-platform measurement solution, Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR). 

The integration makes Comscore an approved measurement vendor in Roku’s Measurement Partner Program and allows Comscore’s agency and advertiser clients to access Roku-specific co-viewing data across ad campaigns on the Roku platform, including The Roku Channel. 

Cross-platform performance analysis has become more critical as viewers’ media use has become more fragmented. The average U.S. household now uses five different streaming services over the course of a month, per July data from Comscore.

Thirty-eight percent of U.S. household streaming TV hours are spent on Roku, according to Comscore, which has seen a 16% year-over-year increase in households viewing streaming TV on a Roku device this year.



Beyond counting households, CCR users can quantify the number of people watching the screen and measure key audiences within Comscore’s cross-platform, persons-level reporting. The analysis can quantify campaign incrementality to linear TV, as well as in-target reach and frequency on the Roku platform.

In an analysis of six Roku campaigns across the retail, automotive, CPG and real estate verticals, with 62 million ads delivered, viewers on Roku from within the target audience saw the ads 3.6 times per campaign on average, compared to 11.4 times on linear TV, Comscore reports. Co-viewing on Roku drove 37% lift across the six campaigns.

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