SANG Coffee Spot Highlights Vietnamese Culture

SANG, the ready-to-drink Vietnamese coffee company, just debuted "Robussin," its new campaign, which pays tribute to Vietnamese culture.

The spot opens with a Vietnamese grandmother recording a TikTok style “Get Ready with Me” video, wearing a pink party dress and pouring SANG coffee to "make her dance." Clubbing follows, as she sings her karaoke to her favorite hip hop song "Robussin," written and performed by Mixed Miyagi a Nigerian-Vietnamese rapper.

The new ad is running on social media, including influencer partnerships. The brand is available nationwide at Target. Or visit for more information.



Vietnamese coffee, made from the robusta bean, is known to be strong. SANG has far more caffeine, 260 mg, than Arabica coffees. 

Lam Pham, CEO-founder of SANG, told Agency Daily: "Our 'Robussin' campaign is a celebration of Vietnamese culture, blending tradition with a dash of sparkle. When you sip SANG, you're not just tasting coffee, you're experiencing the essence of our heritage."

The spot highlights Vietnamese representation. The women in the ad, the producer and director, Theone Ly, are Vietnamese. The star on the SANG coffee can reflects the Vietnam's flag.

SANG, which means "bright" in Vietnamese, offers five ready-to-drink Vietnamese iced coffees in dairy and non-dairy options. SANG Traditional is akin to a sweet vanilla latte.

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