Meta Announces Tools To Help Facebook Creators Test, Compare Content

On Tuesday, Meta announced a host of new Facebook creator tools, many of which are intended to help creators compare and contrast various content outputs in order to test which approach delivers the highest user engagement.

For example, with its new Reels A/B testing tool on mobile, content creators on Facebook can see in real-time how their Reels compositions resonate with their audience by testing up to four different captions or thumbnails. After 30 minutes, the testing period will commence and the results will be displayed in the creator's professional dashboard. The winning result will be based on most plays.

In a blog post, Meta said it will then display the winning variant on a creators' profile or page unless they change it, in a move to automate the process of Reels creation. The company is also experimenting with integrating generative AI into future caption and thumbnail creation options.



Meta has also announced expanded insights into posting habits and results for Facebook creators.

In the professional dashboard, creators will now be able to view data spanning the past 90 days, compared to the previous 28 day timeframe. This, the company says, will provide a “more comprehensive understanding of your content's long-term performance.”

Other added insights include how a Reel performed in relation to a creator's other videos, an audience-retention graph showing when viewers stopped watching, and view counts linked to Reels replays.

To manage one's content, Meta has also launched a new content-management tool in the professional dashboard that will display a creator's entire library of posts, Reels and videos in one designated space, alongside these new insights.

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