BrightLine Bows New Suite Of Interactive CTV Ads

Connected TV ad-tech supplier BrightLine is introducing a new suite of interactive ad formats spanning “advergaming,” trivia, T-commerce, immersive brand experiences and enhanced in-show functionality.

New formats within the suite, Dubbed Accelerator Petal to the Metal (PTM) will be released in groups on a quarterly basis.

BrightLine’s technology and formats are used by major broadcast and cable networks (including A&E Networks, AMC Networks, NBC Universal, CBS Interactive, Discovery Networks, Fox Corp. and Hulu) and CTV/OTT platforms (including Roku, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation), and supported by ad-tech platforms including The Trade Desk and Magnite.

The first new formats introduced include “Beat the Clock”, which integrates gaming into branded content or advertising. Viewers are challenged to race against a timer as they compete to rack up the most points by engaging in games like dunking a virtual French fry into various sauces (above).



A new dynamic format called Retail Connect integrates retailers’ commerce and product APIs into CTV ad units to allow viewers to seamlessly take actions such as exploring product options and clicking to shop or get more information.

Brightline’s in-show formats now include play-along trivia games.

The company’s interactive Accelerator ad units are incorporated in streaming services including Max, Discovery+, Peacock and Hulu, as well as smart-TV FAST services including Vizio’s WatchFree+ and Samsung’s TV Plus, and are interoperable to allow for buys across platforms.

BrightLine has stated that 25% of all U.S. CTV viewers engage with its interactive, dynamic and shoppable ad formats each month, that 56 million households were exposed to at least one of the ads in the 12 months leading up to August 2023.

The company also boasts that its formats significantly outperform ads using QR codes on engagement metrics, and also outperform standard video ads on aided and unaided brand awareness, ad recall, brand favorability and purchase intent.

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