Disney+ Adds Hulu 'Hub' For Greater Ad Opportunities

As promised, Walt Disney has begun to offer Hulu as part of its Disney+ streaming service this month -- a major effort that boosts Disney's streaming advertising avails for advertisers.

The extensive library and programming content of Hulu is being incorporated into Disney+ as a separate "hub" on the streamer.

Known as "Hulu on Disney+", the effort will be available in a "beta" version to domestic Disney+ subscribers.

The actual full, formal launch of the integrated service is scheduled for March.

Hulu will be presented on the Disney+ programming guide as its own branded "tile" alongside the company's other brands such as Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar.

Subscribers can still get Disney+ and Hulu (video-on-demand) streaming services as separate purchases.



Last month, Bob Iger, chief executive officer of Walt Disney, told investors last month the company would begin to offer a unified one-app experience for consumers for Disney+ and Hulu.

For marketers, he added, “Hulu on Disney+ will result in increased engagement, greater advertising opportunities, lower churn, and reduced customer acquisition costs, thereby increasing our overall margins.”

This comes just days after Disney completed the first leg of acquiring the 33% stake in Hulu from back NBCUniversal parent Comcast for $8.6 billion. Some financial adjustments/payment to that purchase will be forthcoming.

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