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Pinterest Predicts: Brace Yourself for Grandpacore, Aquatecture, Melty Mashups

Here, Pinterest users search for jellyfish inspo

What do pizza pot pie, kitschy kitchens, disco weddings and aquamarine eyeshadow have in common? They’re all coming your way in the year ahead, at least according to Pinterest’s annual trend forecast.

Using search data from its 428 million monthly active users and predictive models, the company tracks interest in every category, watching which fashion, food, beauty, decorating and fitness trends fight their way to the top. And so far, Pinterest says it’s got an 80% accuracy rate.

Pinterest claims the ability to predict new obsessions stems from its role as a creative consultant to those planning everything from a “Baby’s first tooth party” to backyard badminton. (And yes, expect more of both.)

This year, the company is continuing its sojourn into physical retail with a pop-up highlighting the trends with its first-ever Pinterest Predicts Shop. The immersive store is located in New York’s Meatpacking District. The five-day event is meant to woo the many people who see Pinterest as a place to shop and includes activations with such brand partners as Levi’s and MAC Cosmetics.



Among the trends that caught our eye:

Eclectic Grandpa: From Gen Z impersonators to real-life.

Boomer Pawpaws: Pinterest predicts plenty of cardigans, customized clothing and retro streetwear.

Be Jelly: Move over, sea horses, manatees and dolphins. Jellyfish are fast emerging as the internet’s favorite invertebrate. Look for them in clothing, décor and even beauty, with searches for Jellyfish haircuts on the rise.

For foodies, we’re tempted by “Melty mashups,” with recipes that combine gooey favorites to hatch new combos like “burger quesadillas” and “pizza pot pies.”

In beverages, the trend is tropical, led by searches for “pineapple mocktails” and “coconut aesthetic.”

And speaking of food, all those traditional farmhouse kitchens are oh-so-2023. Gen X and boomers will be diving into thrift and vintage with “Kitschens,” splashed with colors like retro pink. They’re also leaning into “Cafécore” with home touches like menu chalkboards.

In beauty trends, the blues have it, especially aquamarine and other bold, glam hues, as Gen Z and millennials dive into the 1960s. They’re gung-ho on the ‘70s, too. In a trend called “Groovy nuptials,” Pinterest is notching rising searches for disco décor and bohemian bachelorettes.

Parents are digging into “Inchstones,” looking for new ways to celebrate tiny triumphs, from “potty training rewards ideas” to “my first tooth party.” 

In decorating, the company detects a surge of interest in “Aquatecture,” with younger searchers looking to plant underwater gardens. They’ll range from small aquariums to over-the-top turtle terrariums.

A more arid trend is “Western Gothic,” with people searching for new ways to mix vintage Americana with moody colors. Look for touches like dark fringe and even darker paint.

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